Unity 2D Resources

There are many great resources available on the web to help you get started creating your own 2D game in Unity. Here are some that I have found particularly helpful. Tutorials Walker Boys Studio The Walker Boys have an extensive list of video tutorials for Unity. Most of it focuses on 3D games, but there

23 Jul 2013

Using Unity With GitHub for Windows

Before following the steps in this article, please make sure you have these four things completed: You have created a test project to checkin to GitHub.GitHub for Windows is installed on your computerYou have a GitHub account. In Unity, go to Edit->Project Settings->Editor and make sure your Source Control settings are set to ‘Enable Meta

16 Jul 2013
Brick Material

Using Unity with GitHub – Create a Test Project

Let’s create some test content that we can check in to GitHub and play around with. You should become comfortable with Git and Unity before you are using it on an actual project where deleted data is a big deal. If you already have a test project you want to check in, you can skip

16 Jul 2013

Build A 2D App in Unity – Prerequisites

Right. So our checklist here is not nearly so interesting as the one on the woman above, but let’s forge ahead anyway. Before you start with Unity, there are a couple of things you will have to download to get started. Here is what you’ll need and the reasons why. Download and install Unity Unity

14 Jul 2013
2d Games Tutorial

Unity 2D Game Tutorial

There are many tutorials available for Unity, but most of them focus on the 3D capabilities of Unity. Of those that focus on 2D, most of them show how to do one specific thing, like make a character jump or scroll the background.Even the best tutorials, like those by the Walker Boys (which show you

14 Jul 2013

App Startup Costs

Game development doesn’t have to be expensive, but there are some startup costs that you just can’t avoid. I’ll detail my costs on the project so far, and update this post as I go. Blog costs Domain name: $10.99 (first year). Domain managed through GoDaddy. Hosting: $11/month. I have a couple other websites, so this

12 Jul 2013
2d Toolkit

2D Toolkit Review

Generally, I am fairly cheap. If I have the opportunity to use a free tool with a little extra work or a paid tool, I will usually go with the free one. After all, I’ll learn about the technology in more detail, right? Right? In this case though, I want to learn every tiny detail

10 Jul 2013
Unity 3d Editor

Choose a mobile game engine

Choosing a mobile game engine can be overwhelming to say the least, especially if you have never done any game development. Every game engine offers a massive number of features in bold text that mean nothing to me – precomputed Occlusion Culling! GLSL Optimizer! And many more! Fortunately, it doesn’t really matter. There are really

08 Jul 2013

Setup WordPress For SEO

We have our fresh new install of WordPress setup and ready to go…time to get blogging, right? Well, not quite. There are a few very important setup steps you should take to ensure that all your hard work gets noticed. Change the permalink structure A permalink is the format the url shows up in when

04 Jul 2013
Puzzle pieces - by http://www.flickr.com/photos/creative_tools/

How To Setup WordPress – Prerequisites

Getting found There are many, many factors that go into getting an app to the top of the charts. I think it can easily be argued that the single most important thing is to be found. No matter how good your app is, if people don’t know about it they will never get a chance

01 Jul 2013